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Optima Saver is an essential bandwidth-optimization service for the VoIP traders who need to accommodate more calls when internet speed or bandwidth is limited. Optima Saver can help you reduce upto 80% of your overall bandwidth usage, hence decreasing bandwidth cost, using this service. This service can be used to provide termination service even on shared internet connections. Optima Saver has a dedicated & efficient support team to ensure smooth operation. Customers’ mention this as one of the best support team in this business sector. We have dedicated sales teams who can deal with any query from customers and are initially responsible to assign Optima IP, user registration, invoicing, etc.   Using Optima means "More Calls and More Minutes at a Lower Cost!"  

Key Features:

  • Optima Saver is a high performance bandwidth optimization service that can reduce bandwidth usage in VOIP termination by upto 80%. This means that now the vendors can deliver improved performance in their calling service at a much lower bandwidth cost.
  • Optima Saver is an ideal enterprise-level product where the operational cost of communication between multiple branches and offices is reduced by minimizing bandwidth cost while better quality of calls and video quality is ensured!
  • Integrated anti-blockage mechanism can pass through any voice blockage and firewalls.
  • Supports major audio codecs such as G723.1, G729, AMR, GSM, G711, etc. in pass-through mode.
  • Enhances phone conversation experience because of improved voice quality.
  • Full featured web based billing platform is integrated. Users can view CDR, manage capacity and end points. They can add, edit, and delete termination and origination end points.
  • Compatible with different kinds of internet networks (i.e. broadband, WiFi, WiMAX, 3G, 4G, etc.)
  • Hides original IP address of the termination provider. Flexible and competitive pricing plans.
  • Optima Saver is very easy to use. Its smart installation procedure and web based management interface make it an outstanding product in the market.
  • It works with all the major SIP compatible softswitches and termination gateways.
  • A dedicated technical support team is available to help the customers.
  • Easy to use web-based control panel with many useful features.
  • Compatible with public, private, static, DHCP networks.
  • Users can use Optima from various removable storages like USB HDD, USB flash drive, etc.
  • Works with both real IP and local IP addresses.
  • Reduces Post Dialing Delay (PDD).

Supported Devices

  • Works with any standard softswitch, such as VoIPSwitch (VPS), VOS, MVTS, MVTSII, Sippy, Asterisk, PortaOne etc.
  • Supports major analog and digital VoIP termination devices like Dinstar, Addpac, GoIP, Cisco, Eurotech, Quintum etc.


How it works

The whole process can be simplified by the following diagram:   Carrier–>Optima IP—>Optima Server (Encryption, Security, Optimization)—->Optima IP—->Gateways   Carrier services send calls to Optima Server where calls are optimized and security & encryption processes are done before passing it to customer’s gateways through Optima IP. Customer needs to have a pc/laptop, a Pen or USB drive (2 GB to 8 GB size), internet connection, network switch/router to use Optima Saver.  


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