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Improlabs Pte Ltd. is a Singapore-based Hi-Tech Company specializing in telecommunications and IT services & application development. It was founded in 2013 by a group of innovative IT persons. The company has been growing rapidly ever since, expanding its operations in the USA. It has sales, development and support team persons located in the UK, India and the EU as well.


The high spirit of our development team has made the potential to create these high excellence, industry compatible software & applications. We believe our development team makes us different than most of the other businesses in the same industry. A team of software architects & engineers, electrical & computer engineers, and telecom industry specialists are working together to deliver world-class projects.


Within a short time, Improlabs Pte Ltd has earned worldwide recognition for its excellent customer service, effective technical support, and anticipation of individual needs of its customers in a continuously changing telecom and IT solutions market. Improlabs has already developed a substantial client base in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, the USA, and the EU. The Improlabs client list contains a wide variety of customers, from general-purpose users to corporate-level customers.


Improlabs’s products and services include but are not limited to communications products. We always strive to provide top- quality services for our clients at very much affordable pricing.