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E-Learning is developing a new dimension in learning and training systems. Improlabs has developed a complete and robust E-Learning system to ensure its support towards E-Learning process. Improlabs E-Learning Suite is a secured web based complete training and learning system with flexible and user-friendly interface.  It is designed to fit any size educational institute.

It will help to…

  • Simplify complex distant training and learning workflows.
  • Helps to improve educational excellence.
  • Manage the entire distant learning process with ease.
  • Suitable for 100% online classes as well as supplementing face-to-face.
  • Course management including complete lecture management, content management (Text, Audio, Video, Slides etc), workshop management, assessment management, lesson management.
  • Online query and counseling management including chat management.
  • Online grading management.
  • Virtual library management.
  • Easy to install on almost any platform that supports PHP.